Day 1: Starter LeetCode Challenge

Today, I am embarking on the #66DaysOfData Challenge to create a new learning habit focused on improving my data skills.

Day 1: Starter LeetCode Challenge

Today, I am embarking on Ken Jee's 66 Days of Data Challenge.

Unfortunately, my wife and I recently caught COVID and I've been unable to work my day job through sheer exhaustion but I've missed challenging my mind. Starting small on this challenge and working on a LeetCode challenge.

Challenge: Employees Earning More Than Their Managers

The Employee table contains information about employees including their managers. Each employee has an ID and has a column for the manager ID. Challenge: write a SQL query that finds out which employees earn more than their managers.

Example Dataset 


-- Output
SELECT e.Name as Employee
FROM Employee e 
Employee m on m.ID = e.ManagerID 
WHERE e.Salary > m.Salary

This is a relatively easy challenge to get the brain working, but I've spent a couple of hours today watching some Data YouTubers and thinking about my next laptop setup.

Little wins every day 🏆

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