Day 2: Mental Models + Kaggle Courses

Day 2: Mental Models + Kaggle Courses

For Day 2, I have started the day reading articles on Medium from Jennifer Clinehens. Jennifer is a Behavioural Change strategist who runs a newsletter called ChoiceHacking where she writes articles on behavioural science. This might not seem data related, but in fact I think it'll be a key component in changing the way I approach new data problems.

I personally am a very methodical person, so pivoting quickly to solve impossible challenges that do not have a clear structure can be very difficult for me. This can often be a hinderance with new data challenges - so one area I am looking to improve over the next 66 days is improving the quality of my thinking.

To solve impossible problems, improve the quality of your thinking.

Personally my favourite article from Jennifer right now is on First Principles Thinking - highly recommend reading it here.

Kaggle Courses

Whilst today's focus has mostly been on reading, I have spent an hour or so just working my way through the Hello, Python lesson on the Kaggle Course section. I'm familiar with the basics, so this is just a little refresher session.

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